Google Fax Service, Why Not

Sending and receiving faxes have never been simple! We can now fax through services which made our work easier and quicker. Sharing information, creating appointments, various items and forwarding memorandums can be carried out faster and easily through faxing. But also we could do faxing anytime and everywhere and our technology has evolved we need. Through fax programs, we can send and receive faxes in our phones. Learn about fax from iphone on

In this Guide, we are going to list down what is the best among these and a few of those 3 available fax apps for iOS iPhone, iPad and also Google Android phones.

a) Tiny Fax

b) Simple Fax

c) eFax

d) What’s the best fax app

Tiny Fax

Tiny Fax program allows your phone to receive and ship faxed documents, photos and other texts anywhere you are. This program is user-friendly; it’s the following characteristics such as:

• Fax documents from email and other apps.

• Fax files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and One Driver.

• Fax images from Gallery or using camera.

• Provide list of countries and international fax numbers.

• Archive documents by status to control.

This fax program will cost you around $0.25 and $0.50 for every fax page based on the number of credits you buy at the same time.

Simple Fax

Simple Fax program allows you move documents or fax files to any telephone number in many locations. It has a few of the following features:

• Fax files from other and mail programs.

• Fax images from Gallery or utilizing camera.

• Provide list of countries and fax numbers.

• Archive files by standing to control.

This fax app would cost you between $0.99 and $49.99 based on the credits you buy at once.


EFax program allows you to get, edit, sign and send facsimile anywhere at your convenience. Users can:

• Prepare and add a digital signature using some of your fingertip

• Receive, edit and sign fax — no printing required

• Train and send fax with a cover page that is personalized

• Upload files from your apparatus, email or cloud storage (e.g., Google Drive, Box, Dropbox)

• Store and record faxes on line with unlimited fax storage

• Faxes using Google Cloud Print

• Forward documents by facsimile or email from your Mobile Phone

• Export faxes — move PDF files and download documents

• Fax and scan files using your phone or tablet camera or upload ones to fax.

What’s make it even more great is that this program can be downloaded free. With that features, faxing could be a lot Easier.

What’s the ideal fax program?

There is no uncertainty, eFax is the best one of the fax programs. At your fingertips, now you can send and receive faxes with its features. Besides that, this program can be downloaded for freethis program is worth to try.